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Common Garage Sale Errors, Oversights, Blunders, Bloopers, Mistakes and Boo-boos 

Organization and Display:

  • The sale is a mess, literally.  Things are thrown any way, everywhere, on the ground, in boxes, in piles, etc.   The stuff is probably not folded or neat, giving the appearance of being dirty and worth little.  
  • There is no order or logic or marketing strategy to the way the sale is set up or laid out.
  • Nothing is priced.
  • Bottom line:  Appears as if the sale is thrown together the morning of the sale.


  • None is done.
  • Some is done, but it is not very effective. Some important “copy” is left out from the written ad(s).
  • Directional signs are not bright or bold or easily seen, or are unreadable (esp. at 30 mph), or do not identify the sale location well.  There are not enough signs.
  • Bottom line:  Appears as if the greatest possible number of people are not going to come to the sale.



  • Everything is not priced.
  • Seller has own pricing system:  dots, labels, etc.
  • Prices are inconsistent.
  • Prices are way off standard garage sale customs.
  • Prices are not negotiable.
  • Bottom line:  Pricing is hurting sales.  


  • A friendly feeling, especially to kids, is not shown at the sale. 
  • There is an air of inflexibility, especially on prices.
  • The sale is not conducted from the buyers’ viewpoint or with garage sale custom in mind. 
  • Bottom line:  The attitude at the sale is not favorable for sales. 


  • Seller waits to the last minute and did not get it all done.  It shows!
  • The sale does not open as scheduled (or 30 mins. before).  
  • There is no change.  There are no helpers.  There are no “tools.”
  • Bottom line:  the seller is unprepared...Needs the money-back guaranteed book, “Once Upon A Garage Sale...” for sure!










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