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Once Upon A Garage Sale

The A to Z guide to Garage Sale Greatness!


How to Make More Money, Get Rid of More Stuff, and Otherwise Succeed at Your Garage Sale

Here's what one happy customer has to say about Lisa's book!

Are you thinking about having a garage sale?

  • Will your efforts be worth it?
  • Do you have a plan?
  • a timetable or schedule?
  • Will you know how to price things?
  • Will you know when or where to have your sale?
  • How will you be sure that people will come to your sale?
  •  Do you know what to expect?  Are your expectations realistic?
  • Will you “wing it,” or put some zing into it?

Instead of just having a sale, why not have a fabulous, fun, money-making extravaganza?

The Garage Sale Guru would love to show you how. 

“Once Upon A Garage Sale...” will let you turn your garage sale fantasies into reality.  It is written by Lisa Rogovin Payne, a true garage sale guru who thrives on the sport and fun of a garage sale.

  Ten thousand garage sales later, Lisa shares what works and what does not.  Her passion and experience has worked magic.  The magic continues to spread through her workshops and this book. 

Published by Cawley Publishing Company, this fun to read, complete garage sale how-to ebook contains over 170 pages of information, indispensible for garage sale sellers.

There are 26 chapters of tips, secrets and hints...literally everything you need to know, from A to Z, about having a successful garage sale of your own. You will learn how to:

    • Make more money at your garage sale
    • Get rid of more stuff
    • Organize and plan with ease and fun
    • Set a personal goal and meet (or exceed) it
    • Achieve garage sale greatness!


    The Fairy Tale Begins and Reality Emerges

    Once upon a time, there was a garage sale, an absolutely, positively marvelous garage sale. It was the best garage sale you can picture.

    The seller sold big and little items, old and new items, and everything in between. The buyer was very happy to buy the seller's treasures.

    Best of all, the seller made more money than the seller ever thought possible. Sound like a fairy tale? It is not, or at least it does not have to be.

    It is and can be reality for you, as the seller at your garage sale, if you follow the advice in this book. What do you have to lose? Nothing, plain and simple.

    If "Once Upon a Garage Sale... " does not show you how to make more money at your garage sale than you paid for this book, email the publisher for a full refund.

    Bonus! Order now and get a free subscription to Lisa's Garage Sale Greatness newsletter! More fab tips and tricks for buyers and sellers from the country's leading Garage Sale Guru, Lisa Payne!

    Lisa Payne is the author of “Once Upon A GarageSale…From Fairy Tale to Reality: How to Make More Money, Get Rid of More Stuff and Otherwise Succeed at your Garage Sale.”  A non- practicing attorney, licensed in New York and Ohio (inactive), Lisa is a true garage sale guru who thrives on the fun and sport of a garage sale, not to mention its profit.  She uses her background and experience to conduct workshops, speak to groups and consult with organizations on running successful garage sales.  She has appeared on CBS News Up to the Minute and hundreds of radio programs, coast to coast and in Canada.  A former columnist for Mother and Child Reunion magazine, Lisa has been featured in Better Homes and Gardens’ Family Money, the Kansas City Star, and many other publications.  When not chasing down a bargain, Lisa is found writing, and not just about her passion.  She “ghost writes” for many diverse clients in a variety of contexts, from the traditional (technical articles, press releases, marketing copy, bios, websites) to the whimsical (poems, acrostics, party invitations).






Lisa's Garage Sale Secrets Revealed!

lisa's book cove  Now Available on Amazon


What People are Saying about "Once Upon a Garage Sale:

"My garage is full and I am seeing dollar signs. Thanks, Lisa for all the helpful hints." - Maggie Bauer, Nurse, Waterloo, IA

"...wonderful ideas to organize and make the most of our women's group's first annual garage sale for charity." - Sherri Becker, Marketing Consultant and Committee Chair, Dansas City, MO

"What a difference Lisa's advice made to our pocketbooks. We more than tripled the most we ever earned at a garage sale, and, over the years, we have had plenty of garage sales!" - Peg and Dave Elson, retired, Naples, FL

"Having a garage sale always seemed overwhelming and intimidating to me...so much work for so little money, I thought, I have learned so much from Lisa and it has paid off!" - Debbie Rau, Paralegal, Overland Park, KS

"I never would have approached my garage sale through the eyes of a buyer if it wasn't for Lisa.' - Marcia Meerman, Homemaker, Greensboro, NC

"Lisa, thanks for the new furniture...Our moving sale was much more profitable due to your advice." - Caroline Willen, Commercial Design Artist, Cincinnati, OH

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